Become my patron and win this painting!
Hello everyone! I'm writing today to ask for your patronage today on Patreon. And also to find a home for this lovely painting:

This small, untitled oil painting (8 inches square) is a study for my Common Grave project.  I would like to raffle it off to my patrons, but to make that fun and worthwhile, I need to have at least 10 patrons signed up.  So, I'm asking for your support.  (Note that we are more than half way there!)

If you are already a patron, thank you so much! If you know someone who might enjoy my work here on Patreon, or who might like to win this painting, please let them know about this opportunity!

I think my Patreon page is off to a really good start, and I have many great ideas and projects I want to share with you here.  Just for starters, Patreon has encouraged me to learn about video editing, something I had never really done before a few months ago.

There are also other benefits to being a patron -- such as discounts on my work and free art sent directly to you!  Check out the sidebar on the main page for all the details.

So to recap: I will raffle off this painting to patrons if and when I have 10 active patrons signed up!  Note that any patronage level will get you a ticket in the raffle; so for just $1 a month you could win this painting.  I have many other great works I'd like to raffle off, so hopefully this is only the beginning.  Thanks for checking this out, and thanks for your support! Now I will get back to work.