Become a patron and receive a free copy of the Hebrew Verb Tables app
The folks at TooJuice, an indie app development company, wanted to help celebrate our show’s grand achievement: 1 million downloads and counting! They too are lovers of all things Hebrew, and they have created a handy reference tool for conjugating Hebrew verbs. Their mobile app, called Hebrew Verb Tables , allows you to look up the conjugation for over 3,000 verbs in the Past, Present, Future and Imperative tenses. And you can search for words in English or Hebrew.

So to celebrate, TooJuice is gifting a copy of their Hebrew Verb Tables app to all our current Patrons. But the giving keeps coming! As a way to entice all those who thought about becoming supporters but have yet to do so, TooJuice will gift you a copy if you support StreetWise Hebrew between now and January 24th 2017, at the $5 mark or higher.

Thanks to all our new patrons!