Become a supporter of my next project!

The past month, I’ve been brainstorming about my work as a writer. Most of you know that my last book published, “Osogbo,” was a mixture of philosophy and introspection as I dealt with the death of my lifelong best friend, Rebecca; and some of you lived through that with me. Pain, grief, it’s a bitch, and since stripping myself bare in those pages I’ve not written much for publication. Since moving to Chico, California, I’ve both healed and grown. I’m ready to start writing again, and it’s back to my original intention before Rebecca fell ill – sixteen volumes of patakís, literary retellings of our sacred stories as found in the 256 odu. 

Full-time writing means fewer hours to teach, and if I am to put out one book a year I’ll need a few more days each week to write. As many of you know, royalties only come twice a year and the days of large advances to authors ended decades ago. Unless you’re a bestselling author with a proven track record at one of the New York four, you need to make a living while you write. 

So, I’m opening up a level of access to 10 patrons that I’ve never offered before. For the next sixteen years I’ll be working on this project, and during this time, for patrons who decide to support my upcoming writing efforts with a $100.00 pledge a month, I’m offering the following patron-only perks:

1. Access to my early drafts and unedited material

For every patakí I’ve included in my published works, five or more did not make the final cut. There are some stories that lend themselves easily to a careful retelling, and there are some that just sound better as oral literature. Anything in my early drafts you will get to read before a final cut is made, and, honestly, that’s where some of the best stuff is! While my readers will have only the final published book, you will have everything that makes it to publication, and items that didn’t make the final cut. 

2. Q&As

As I write, you’ll have the chance to start special Q&As with me regarding not only my work, but also any subject related to the work. And because my work focuses on odu, and because odu is, oh, everything – you can pretty much ask me anything and get away with it in special patrons’ only threads. 

3. Acknowledgement in finished work

In every book I’ve written, I’ve always acknowledged the contributions of those who supported me by offering words of encouragement, sharing ideas with me, and reading early drafts as my work grew. The patrons who support and encourage me during this book, and the remainder of my 16 book project, will get special acknowledgement in each volume they support as a patron. 

4. Sneak peaks and an early release copy

As the writer, I, of course, get 20 prerelease copies of my book weeks before it hits the shelves. As a patron-perk, I’ll pass those along to my patrons before the book ever hits shelves. 

Besides: being an author’s patron is a hip, retro way to support the arts. So consider it?