Becoming a pangolin!
As someone who is not, on the main, a fan of Final Fantasy IV, I honestly didn't realize that the whole paladin conversion thing happened this soon. I somehow thought it was later, you know? But no, this celebrated plot point of the game takes place when I'm not all that far into the actual game. Also with a bit less pomp and ceremony than seems appropriate. Seriously, for all the talk about how this is a huge shift, most of the game takes place after Cecil stops being a Dark Knight. I appreciate that it's at least late enough that the characters don't feel like they've just been introduced before this happens, I suppose. I do hope you enjoy this segment, as the plot of the game in general is really feast-or-famine (as well as featuring a collection of barely-defined stereotypes) and this is one of the feastier portions. Stuff to be said, and all. Tune in next week for a whole lot more mess for Cecil!
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