Becoming a Chess Master - August 2017 Newsletter

Becoming a Chess Master

On studying, playing and mastering chess


Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the Becoming a Chess Master newsletter.

Firstly, a huge Thank You to all patrons for your support. Here is a look at the rewards patrons will get access to this month.

  • In this month’s tactics lesson (for all patrons*) we look at some mating patterns involving bishops.

  • The endgame lesson (for patrons at the Club Player tier and above) considers king and pawn versus king, where the pawn is an advanced knight's pawn.

  • In the openings lesson (for Tournament Regular and Master patrons) we look at some ideas in the French Defence Rubinstein Variation.

  • This month's master game  (for Master patrons*) is Capablanca - Tartakower, New York 1924.

If there is a topic you would like to be covered in future lessons, feel free to drop me a note.

On a personal note, the off-season for club chess continues, with the first games of the new season scheduled for late September. However, I have played in a couple of tournaments, one of which went very well, the other not so much. You can read about that experience and how it has influenced my study plan, over on the Becoming a Chess Master website.

Until next month, happy chessing!

* I have made the tactics and master game lessons for August 2017 available to the public, so that non-patrons can see what a typical lesson looks like. No patrons were harmed in the making of this offer  :-)