Becoming an Ideamachine: This week in 10 Ideas a Day...
Favorite Ideas from the week of March 12 - 18:
  • Software that can turn any book/ storyverse into an immersive open world (game?) one can ‘live’ in! #Vertiverse  
  • VR building that allows people to ‘walk in’ and be seamlessly transported to a VR world… kinda like Westworld but more comprehensive and mostly virtual and without the abuse of robots #Vertiverse
    • Allows people to go back to the 'good times' and earn their living by hunting/gathering in the VR world... 
    • People go into hunt in a virtual wilderness and can even walk out with 'game' (gets 3d printed as they leave)
  • Virtual Worlds that help visualize and immerse people into a social network… allowing people to see the depth and width of different groups, societies, communities, etc #Vertiverse
    • Can have versions to better connect citizens of a nation (and even create virtual nations or connect space nations like Asgardia)
  • Allow people to absorb food directly through skin via micro/nano receptors that can grab and break down nutrients in open air 
  • ChatBot that can find people you can/would be great connecting with, makes introductions and thus helps you to improve your network/friends (regardless of how diverse they are)
  • (Ideas for books I can write)  A young-man’s ambition: Star(t)ing up the Mountain - What it feels like to dream big and start this journey
  • (Ideas for books I can write)  Some predictions about the future… for fun…
  • PC Dr. - AI (/AR?) tool that can comprehensively diagnose, troubleshoot, and even educate on a problem with electronics (or any other structure or technology) just by ‘looking’ at it.
    • Can use various wavelengths, sensors, and pattern recognition to pinpoint past, present, and possible future problems 
    • Can present its findings in an intuitive and engaging way
    • Can detail exactly how to fix the problem, and even give suggestions based on what tools/resources are at hand (work with what you got)