Becoming an Ideamachine: This week in 10 Ideas a Day
Favorite Ideas from the week of March 5 - 11:
  •  MMO game that works like cockroachdb (or Google’s cloud service) such that it has almost no lag… can be ‘streamed’ instead of downloaded... may be p2p... works like a solid state drive, cloud servers.. etc 
  • Computer Vision software that can ‘dissect’ movie trailers to show whats real (points for that) and whats fake… along with how fake it is and what exactly is fake about it
  • (Idea on 'hustle strategy')  Look up/research every interesting person in the DailyVee comments and give them at least 5 ideas
  • (Idea on 'hustle strategy')  Find people to network and collab with on YouTube (garyvee) comments, IG, Twitter, etc and offer free blogs, dance vids, podcasts, ideas, etc 
  • Environmental awareness app/tool/AI that can notify you of all the things that may be influencing your decisions… to what extent, how, why, etc 
  •  Mobile digi-sandboxes… ‘learning kits’ that allow kids to build, learn, model and experiment with a variety of projects; from habitats to ecosystems to (solar) systems to abstract things such as government, math formulas, chemistry reactions, etc ... The ultimate hands-on experience
  • Better way to ‘clean’ your skin and keep pimples away by smart cream that can scan face, determine skin type, determine what is causing your acne, and then treat it accordingly… perhaps may release nano-molecules customized for your skin/acne type
  • Car with ‘single’ curved windsheild/roof and even sides/doors.. But is crystalline, extremely strong, and inspired by ‘cleavage’... so in chances of damage would only break segmented parts of the glass and only in desired direction (ie from the inside out, rather than outside in)
  • Hard SciFi movie that really fleshes out an Alien encounter (with absolutely no human drama)... challenges what Aliens could look like and what they’d do/want... as little anthorpomorphizing as possible
  • Psychoanalysis tools that can predict what might happen if you make certain decisions
    • Can tell if you’re negatively ‘spoiling’ a child or being too hard on them
    • Can tell if you’re too hard or soft on yourself and what to do about it
    • Can graph out your personality, what attributes to it, and what you may enjoy
    • Can suggest ways to get out and grow your comfort zone/level of knowledge
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