Been really kicking my makeup work into high gear...
I always wanted to cosplay, but I never thought I'd be exceptionally passionate about it until I learned what crossplay was. Suddenly, the art form took on whole new meaning because I wasn't just roleplaying someone I'm not, I was roleplaying an entire gender on top of it.  Which is still someone I'm not! There's a whole challenge aside from appearances, there's body language, voice alteration, etiquette, etc. that just make crossplay more appealing to me for the sake of challenge, and in addition to challenge, challenging people's perspectives of a guy in a skirt.  It's far more taboo than a girl wearing pants, and that's an odd double standard, if you ask me. 

You don't have to be gay, bi, and you don't have to be trans. You don't have to be a drag queen. You can be a guy and pretend to be a girl sometimes.  And that kind of encompasses my philosphy.  I fraternize with my fellow straight crossdressers no differently than I would my other guy friends. And that's where I've recently coined the expression, "Dress like hoes, act like bros."  It's a bit of a joke, but it gets the idea across.  Perhaps a better way of expressing my attitude is in my personal motto as Katsura: 

"I'm not like the other girls... Mostly because I'm a dude. 

I've got so many obstacles to overcome in continuing my work, most of them financial. That's why if you became a patron, it would mean the world to me, and I would pay you back in kind through exclusive content. 

My motivation to create is ultimately to express an aspect of my personality that I had never had a healthy outlet for, until now. If it happens to help others smile, that's awesome. I'm glad to entertain and spread the joy of cosplay.