Been SUPER busy.
Been really busy with events, volunteer work, and all that. haven't had time for making videos.
Also have been working on my Etsy store, you can also support me by shopping there and telling others about it. My art would make cool gifts or stocking stuffers.

My Patreon is gonna cut back on it's rewards to make it easier on me, I'll keep the first two tiers as they are. But the $5 one and $10 will change.
When I have more of a following the rewards will get boosted and go back to normal again.

Also, I've been doing traditional art, I'll start posting that here. The holidays have just been busy with all the shows and conferences I've been going to.

So, overhauling my Patreon, it's going to start including all of my other work. I was keeping it separate because I didn't want to scare off LEGO fans who have anything against MLP fans or Furries. (don't worry, I'm the nice type of furry)
It will start to include traditional art, crafts, cosplay, and more.