Been thinking a lot lately...
...about other possible ways to reward my patrons, besides the birthday gifts and monthly discounts on Etsy - which, by the way, will be increased for each patron's first order to compensate for these couple of months without a running shop. I really wish I could make giveaways for exclusive commissions, but pieces are so time consuming and expensive to craft, that really isn't possible until my pledge earnings are significantly increased.

I could, however, give my prototypes away, such as the very first acorn I made, but this would probably happen on occasion and not as a routinary reward unless I can stick to creating a new prototype every single month or something. This would also involve patrons only on $5 and above tiers, as you probably understand. I don't know if people would be interested though?

Another thing would be... maybe create monthly polls (for $3+ patrons) for a monthly theme for me to invest in and create at least one new design to add to the shop. However, that would probably make more sense with more patrons since only 3 of you are currently eligible for this, haha.

Either way, what are other ways for me to reward you guys? If you have any ideas don't be afraid to share and speak up as I'd love to hear them and eventually improve this platform! I reaaaaally want to give back to you, but I'm at a loss here.

PS. Final preview of the Statement Orc Tusk Necklace coming up asap. I finished it a couple of days ago but have been so busy I actually forgot to share. /bonk