Been working on Jewelery
It's Sunday night, which means a good time to start on weekly devlogs. 

Since the last post, I've made a few more item models, including support for artifact decorations (As well as any decorations that you order yourself)

Pictured above is a crown, encircled with bands of iron, and with three images on it, a night creature, a dwarf, and another artifact in the fort being made.

This one. A horse bone grate, with a picture of a battle between dwarfs and elves on it. It's pretty sucky, all told.

Better than that one is this:

It's a quern, with some cabochons, spikes, and an image of a unicorn.

Besides the crown, I did bracelets and rings, though I don't have any artifacts of them ready, so no decorations:

Finally, the statues from last time have had a bit of an improvement. Instead of the creepy floating images that were there before, they're simply upright panels, that face away from the wall if placed next to one.

As a final parting shot, this isn't anything new, just thought it looked neat from my current fort. A hunter keeping an eye out in front of the fortress entrance, in an evil biome.

I'll try to keep up regular weekly updates, rather than the sporadic stuff I've been doing till now.