The Beerists Minis - Episodes 1-10
Hey Patrons!

Because Patreon is a bit of a beast to scroll through, I've decided to make 10-episode collections of minis to download all at once. I'll post a new collection every time I get 10 done, but will still post new ones as they're ready. I'll continue to do this for as long as Patreon is difficult to navigate, as a convenience to you! Thanks for you continued support!

This bundle collects these episodes:

1 - Review: Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

2 - Review: Ballast Point Grunion

3 - Editorial: How We Make an Episode

4 - Review: Destihl Lynbrook Sour

5 - Interview: John Laffler of Off Color

6 - Editorial: “Drink Local” is Bullshit

7 - Review: Anchor Liberty Ale

8 - Review: Firestone Walker Easy Jack

9 - Review: Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

10 - Review: Prairie Brett C