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Beetlejuice: a movie review by 8-year-old MissObservation
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Hi everyone! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and since it's Halloween we're going to be talking about a scary Halloween movie called Beetlejuice. Well actually, this movie was not that scary. My daddy told me that when he was younger he used to be horrified of this movie and he would always have bad nightmares. But I think I'm probably better at handling scary movies than he was at my age because my daddy told me that he was kind of like a scaredy cat at my age. And I actually thought this movie was kind of funny. 

There were some scary parts however. And also some gross parts. And one of the scary parts was when Beetlejuice transformed into this really big rattlesnake and he was trying to scare people out of this house. He was like grabbing them and rolling them down the stairs and that was really scary. And what used to scare my dad was these sand worms that lived in Saturn. So whenever these ghosts tried to leave the house they would go into Saturn immediately. And then there would be this big sand worms that tried to eat them whenever they tried to leave the house. My daddy was scared of them when he was little but I think they're kind of funny... because they have stripes on them. Another scary part was when Otho was making the ghosts come downstairs. And it was really scary because he turned them into really gross skeletons and their skin was getting all pruney like a raison. And the boy ghosts jaw fell off and the girl ghost's hand got all dried and flakey and it fell off and that part was really gross and scary. 

Actually there were a lot of gross parts in this movie as well. Like when the same girl ghost and boy ghost... the girl ghost cut off the boy ghosts head and his dead body was on the floor and she was like, "Guys, seriously, you really can't see this?" And another scary ghost part was when the same girl ghost was hanging herself in the closet and when the human people opened it, they couldn't even see her. And guess what she was doing? She ripped off the skin of her face and her eyeballs were popping out. Another gross part was when that beetle guy had this green stuff around his face. And I thought it was throw-up because he did eat a lot of bugs, which is pretty gross. But there was one scene that was kind of funny – after he was done eating a big fly he burped after that and that was kind of funny. 

The reason why I called him beetle guy is because I don't exactly know how many times I said his real name, maybe twice, but if you said it a third time, guess what happens? Yep, you guessed it. He will come to life. And if you let him come to life he will mess everything up and I'm not kidding. 

Even though beetle guy was gross he also was a little funny in this movie. Like when the ghosts first met him, he was like always kissing them. And then another part that I thought was funny was when he found this "Girls" thing and then he licked his hand and slicked his hair back with the spit of his but it didn't really matter because his hair was always like messy and so after he was done doing that it just sticked back up. Another funny part at the very end of this movie, he took this magic witch sorcerer doctor thing's ticket so he was next in line and then the doctor magic sorcerer guy took some powder and poured it on his head and then his head was shrinking all the way down to his neck. And then he had the hugest body but then the littlest head. There was also another funny part where these two ghosts that live in this house  were trying to make this family that lives in this house go out by making them dance really crazy and sing a really funny song. And it goes like this: "Come Mr. tally man, tally me bananas." 

Overall I thought this movie was OK. There were a lot of scary parts and gross parts and I will warn you. There are lots of bad language in this movie but cause Beetlejui... Beetle Man has kind of a potty mouth. Thank you for watching! I'll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

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