The begining of a new series
This is Aliza. Aliza is the main character in a story I'm writing. This is what I have so far.

It’s dark. I feel like I’m falling. But from where? Why can’t I remember? Why is it so dark? “Open your eye’s.” I’m afraid. “Aliza, open your eye’s.” How did he know my name? Where am I? “Aliza it’s time to wake up.” My eye’s slowly drift open, it’s too bright. “W-where am I?” My voice cracks, in a way, that it sounds as if, I’m about to cry. “You’re in the underground.” I look up to see a skeleton, leaning on a, what looks to be, old, torn down, stone brick wall. “Are you ok? It looks like you fell pretty far.” The skeleton walks over, kneeling down right next to me. He smiles, a kind, friendly smile. “I guess you’re a, fallen angel.” A light purple blush, falls over my face. He offers his hand to me. “Well, you coming?” I accept his offer, allowing him to pull me up and off the ground. “W-why? H-how do you know my name?” His smile fades for a moment. “Some things are not meant to be said.” I stare at him for a while, confused, but I shake it off. He smiles again. “We better get going.” I nod and wait for him to show me the way. “W-where are we going? How long will it take to get there?” His smile has a sparkle. “You’ll see.” He holds onto me tightly, but then, a flash of blue light surrounds us. When it disappears, I see snow everywhere. It’s too cold. “W-where are we? How did we get here? What was that blue light?!” I’m afraid. “Whoa, whoa!! Calm down, we’re in snowdin.” His words do calm me a small bit. “O-okay.” Time seemed to slow down, for that moment, his smile sparkled. I feel safe. “Sans!!!!” My attention turns to another skeleton, who’s walking towards us. “Hey Papyrus!” The skeleton who was walking towards us is now only feet away. “Sans!!! You lazy-bones!! Have you even finished one puzzle?!?!” He smiles playfully. “Hehe!! You know me Papyrus.” Sans puts his hand in the pocket of the blue hoodie that he’s wearing. “I take that as a no, then.” A small smile paints my face. “I guess I was, bone to be wild!!! Haha!!” I giggle a little. “Oh my god, Sans!!!!” A smile grows on Papyrus face. “You’re smiling Pappy!!!” Sans smile sparkles playfully. “I am not Sans!!!” I can’t help but smile, watching these two brings a warmth, that not even the falling snow can take away. “Sans, does that human you’re holding have wings?” A sense of pure terror shoots through me. Sans whispers to me. “Hey you’re alright.” I realize, that I’m shaking. Not because I’m cold, but because I’m frozen in fear. Sans holds tighter to me and whispers. “Aliza, you’re safe with me.” The moment he says that, I stop shaking and look up at him. He smiles kindly. “Pappy, this is Aliza, she is going to stay with us for a bit.” Papyrus looks at me and smiles. “Nyeheheh!!! Hello human!!! I, the great Papyrus, welcome you!!! I hope we can be good friends!!” I giggle a small bit. “I-it’s nice to meet you too P-papyrus.” Sans smiles brighter. 

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