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The Beginning
Hello everyone!

First of all, I've launched my blog!

It live at:

I warn you, its my first blog. And certain things are not quite done yet. 

But please come check it out and you'll have a good idea of the kind of things I'll be doing, drawing, and thinking of... For me the idea of writing anything on a regular basis is a big experiment.  I'm still adding to what's there and editing. (The Max/MSP article is an unfinished extravaganza. But I just love that image so I'm leaving it there.)

Second, I will be gathering together your mailing addresses and setting up chats with some of you. The $10 and up patrons will be getting a notice of this in the coming days. 

But I hope you ALL will follow along here, on the blog and my twitter (@auriea) because...

This week is Notgames Fest!

I will be in Cologne on the 4th and 5th for the bi-annual exhibition and party that takes place concurrently with GDCEurope and Gamescom. Notgames Fest, which Michael and I co-curate along with the Cologne gamelab, is the indie antidote to those crazy fairs. If any of you will be there please find me and say hello! During my time in Cologne, Periscopes will happen! You'll get notifications of that if you download the app ( and add me. 

In addition, I will try to hit the Wallraf-Richartz Museum or the Roman-Germanic History museum and draw it up, write it up.

Anyway, thank you dear patrons! This is still a pretty confusing time for me. I feel like I'm reaching out in all directions to find a new way. Your support means the world as it makes me feel just that bit less alone right now.


talk to you again soon,