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Home Again

The light of the midday sun seeped through the trees and on to the forest floor with ease. The rays were illuminated in the air as it passed through the humid sky. A light breeze shifted the shadows, but the rays always held strong.

The sunlight danced upon the water of a nearby river, and created shimmering designs upon the rocks near the falls. Everywhere the light touched under the canopy sent puffs of water in to the air as the plants soaked in their midday meal.

Trayl saw all of this, and was unphased by most. His mind might wander now and again at the beauty of it all, but his focus always returned to a small, glistening rock under the running water.

The elven looking man rested his back against an evergreen tree at the top of the levee beside the river. His light brown hair was cropped short, so the light breeze never sent wisps into his face. He had the body of a soldier: a well toned torso, thick muscles on his arms and legs, and broad shoulders.

The dagger at his side, and the slightly curved longsword beside him was also a dead giveaway to his profession.

Trayl wore simple, loose fitting leather pants and a deerskin vest which did not connect in the front. A pack beside him held the cotton shirt he usually wore when he was not on duty. Today, however, was too warm to wear more than the leather vest.

His hard leather armor was sitting out in the midday sun, drying after their cleaning.

It felt great to be back in the warmth of the forest once more.

Light green eyes shifted their gaze from the sun rays to the water. Even from where he sat several yards away from the river, he could see the dark green stone. Of course, he placed it in the river between two dull grey stones earlier, so he’d be a bit concerned if he didn’t see it there.

Trayl smiled as he watched the water trickle over the stone, washing away the outward impurities.

It was perfect.

The deep green color matched the fronds of the ferns when hidden in the shade. The stone was only half an inch in diameter, but it was enough. It was an oval in shape, and just a little while longer in the rushing water would smooth out the last rough edges of the stone.

He had spent the last six days traversing the lands of Lyden in search of this particular stone, and had finally returned to the forest he now called his home in order to finish the rituals. This stone was only found in one place, and its rarity would - hopefully - be appreciated. Its power, surely, would be welcomed.

The Stone of the World, as the elders called it, held great powers. It allowed the wearer to be more in tune with the elements of the world, as it came from several of them. Only one mountain in all of Lyden created this stone. It was forged in the fires of the planet, and brought to the surface eons ago. Water, plant life, and wind broke it from its parent. The forces of nature smoothed out its rough edges throughout time as it traveled across the lands.

Trayl closed his eyes with a smile, and lay his head back against the trunk of the evergreen tree. It had taken him a long time to find that stone, but it was worth it. Lyana was going to love it. She loved everything about nature, it seemed, but this stone would be more than that.

This stone would remind her of him.

This stone would be his profession of love to her.

This stone would be enough to - hopefully - make her say yes.

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