Beginning Afresh
It is the first of May (May Day, in the old holidays lists), and my thanks are again extended as I have been notified that you, my patrons, came through again.  We begin another month.

Derek Jacob Brown also begins something new, although he's not having a good time in Old Verses New; Chapter15, Brown 5.  I won't tell you more than that, but that should get your interest.  Speaking of Derek, I've got him in a spy story in the fourth novel Spy Verses, and somewhere in the middle of it I sent him to the British Embassy in Bucharest, so after puzzling about how to move the story forward I just sent an e-mail to that embassy to get a bit of a better feeling for the setting.  Hopefully I'll get something useful in return.

I expect to be back tomorrow, but right now I've got to see to dinner and post a few more announcements of today's chapter.  Again, thanks for your support.