Beginning in November...
Hello friends & welcome to another posting here on the Patreon page.

November is right around the corner and that means 42 is creeping up  sooner than I'd like to imagine but age is subjective to ones own beliefs. As a fan of Elvis Presley it comes to mind that I will soon be the same age he was when he either died or didn't die.  Greater things could have come from the man but due to health issues it was not to be.

Right now I've lost about 15 pounds and will continue getting back into shape. Because either we live as a knot on a log, a bunny rabbit leisurely hopping through life, or as a rampant river.  
I'll go with the last two.

November will be the month of writing and vlogging.
Now I'm not sure what I'll vlog about just yet but it'll come once per week and with luck it'll be of an interest to most people who listen to Mysterious Matters.

When we begin the show back up again in late January/early February our first guest will be a former member of the Manson cult.  This one member was instrumentative in having Charles Manson imprisoned for his crimes.

As patreon supporters you will have full access to ad-free video editions as well as the full month's worth of podcast episodes in 2018. We (meaning me, myself and I)  will begin uploading all of the archived shows from 2014-2017 to Patreon. It will be available to all supporters of $1 or more per month.

Thank you for your support through the years. Not just here on patreon, not just financial support but for listening and your friendship.