The beginning of the end, snippet 3
Or, alternatively: rewrite 2. XD

With the air cooling at last and restful sleep being had, I can but say: OMG DOES IT FEEL AMAZING TO SLEEP WELL.

It does feel like the fog that'd been plaguing my mind for I don't remember how long (but I'll guess a month or so, ever since allergies started) has finally lifted. And, with my perspective on my writings re-focussed, I've been able to really dig through my work and bring out some of the emotions I'd so dearly come to miss without realizing.

Leading to yet another re-write, this time partial. To compare, you can check out snippet 1 and snippet 2. There really is so much more to writing than just checking your work afterwards for grammatical and spelling errors. I do love writing/editing/re-writing/rinse-and-repeating. :)

Now. I do realize I'd promised Vampires this month. They're still coming. But, I do think I'll need to find some other way (for now, until I've got more people checking in and talking to me ;) ) to present my world and its construction. I'm real bad at sticking to these kinds of plans, for the simple reason it's very limiting. Why talk about, say, Vampires when I'd want to be talking about so much more and just go where the inspiration is?

So, I think making a glossary of terms used in my works might be a good idea. I'll make it available at the Wair Cub tier, and it will be one of those files that ought to keep growing the more terms I throw out there.

Also, I'm still working on the Wordpress. It may be worthwhile to create another character list that I'll make available as well to the Wair Cubs and higher that's a bit more detailed than the reminder list. And covers the characters that appear along the Patreon.

I'm really not good at figuring out how to present my world, but ah well. Learning while doing! And, hopefully, I'll start getting commenters at some point ;) that'd be extra helpful. There's really so much that goes into worldbuilding that I don't know where to start explaining x.x

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