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Behind The Music - YOU Decide "Frame By Frame"
OK! So our wining phrase came from none other than my good friend and dedicated Patron, the Lovely Miss Jayme Brown. (a.k.a. J. Dawg!) her phrase was "my heart was yours for the breaking". now, this took a little longer than I had expected but in all fairness I have been in 2 countries, countless states and various shades of foggy since we announced the winner. that said, I feel this is one of the stronger songs I've written in awhile and simply can't get it out of my head. hopefully the same goes for you.

BIG thanks to everyone who participated in this and contributed a phrase. thank you to those of you who voted. every piece of this helps create the final product and hopfully that's what you guys enjoy most about the Extravaganza. God knows it's what's got my feet held to the fire. ;) 

Love you guys. Enjoy this one. I'm pretty proud of it.