Behind the Music: Like You
There's a playlist on my ipod of about 100 songs that I never quite finished.  There are folders full of video and audio recordings that capture moments of inspiration that I never could recapture.  Ideas that I couldn't get enough of a grasp on to keep.  

"Like You" is one of those rare instances when the stars align and I can get back into that headspace.  And it's even more rare because it wasn't even my own inspiration I was trying to rediscover.

It started as a recording sent to me while in Japan by a friend, Barrett Self (one of our Patrons!!)  I won't release that one (unless he gives the ok?) but it was a fully produced track...that lasted 90 seconds, stopping after the first chorus.  It sat on my ipod for at least a year and a half before I creatively understood it.  And by that, I mean I was biking home one night shuffling through that playlist and as the demo faded out, the second verse continued playing in my head.  

I quickly hoped off of my bike and started singing along, trying to keep the lyrics and additional melodies in my head long enough to get them written down.  By the time I reached my house, the second half of the song was on loop in my brain.  Ten minutes later I had the chords and a rough recording stored in my phone.  

We are particularly excited to be recording Like You and another song with Kilynn over at  Bridge Recording.  We hit the studio next Saturday!  


Wish I were a run away freight train, ending up where nobody knew…             
I wouldn't need to leave a bread crumb, I'm done, it would never even get used
After another long day without a saint to save me from the hurricane flood rain, but baby there's you

And like a king who returns his crown
For you I lay my armor down

Well it's a long dark road, so I gotta keep running
But I'll take it slow cause I'm lucky for somebody like you
And there's a lot of dotted lines when you don't have money
But it's water into wine when I'm looking at a body like you
Somebody like you 

If I'm my own worst enemy, baby you're my trojan horse
When I'd rather be the last man standing than be the one to change my course
But to stand alone after the final battle couldn't match the glory of the road untraveled to you

And as this boat nears the waterfall
I've lost the will to fight at all

Weightless as I fall
An effortless collide
But they can save their cannonballs
Who I am doesn't want to survive

Fight to fight no more
Die to live again
Drowning in the perfect storm
Forgetting not to breathe you in 

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