Behind the Scenes: Foxes and Boxes - 10 (Public Freebie)
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Some big changes here, although mainly regarding how I worded something and expressions. Compare to the finished comic: or see the attached image.

  • Originally, I had Hammer say "expelled from the guild" instead of "you're fired" (not a planned reference to The Apprentice by the way). I went back and forth about this because "fired" might be too modern of a term for a fantasy setting. But, then I remembered it is *my* fantasy world, and I can do whatever I want. Plus, I felt it gets the point across easier and faster, and I'm not going for serious high fantasy either. 
  • I redrew Hammer's expressions in panels two, five, and six. In two, I just wasn't happy with how Hammer looked at all. In five, I felt Hammer not making eye-contact added more to the scene and hints at how she feels. In panel six, I wanted to show Hammer's frustation with Boxes'  obliviousness
  • The "#1 Grandma" on the tea-cup wasn't my original idea. I wanted some kind of play on corny mugs, I knew that much. My first idea was "Taking Complaints Tomorrow," but that was too much text. I decided on "#1 Grandma" because it's an easy way of suggesting Hammer's age (along with the gray streak in her hair) and that she has a family (while still being a guildchief). 
  • .I tightened up Boxes' expressions in the last two panels as well.