Behind the scenes for patrons only
This is little Robyn. At this time in my life I could not walk, was not in school and was in and out of hospitals. Sitcoms and comedy was my escape and happy place. I KNEW I wanted to grow up and be in sitcoms and make people laugh like Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Ellen Degenerous, and so many more. Robyn Is Crazy brings me so much joy knowing thousands of people are watching and laughing! It's what the Robyn in this picture dreamed of growing up and doing. This weekend I'm filming 6 more episodes of Robyn Is Crazy. As a thanks to you for being my patrons and supporting my dream of spreading laughter I am taking all patrons behind the scenes this weekend with pictures, videos and live streams of the shoots!! So make sure notifications are on. (Unless you don't want a ton of emails then turn it off) Thank you for supporting me and helping to spread laughter!!!