BEHIND THE SCENES - Episode 23: Devora's Face
I was reading Lauren K. Cannon's tumblr last night: Lauren is my cover artist for The Zombie Bible -- and I found Devora's face! This image is from Lauren's tumblr post about her skin tone tutorials, here:

And this draft of Lauren's is so much how I've always imagined Devora's face -- except that Devora needs to be aged slightly, and have long, silvering hair. But this woman's eyes and face are Devora's.

---- "She thought of Lappidoth waiting for her in the white tents, but this did not lighten her heart. She knew she would not rest nor set Mishpat aside until there were no dead walking anywhere in the land. The burden of facing the dead was finally and entirely hers to bear. She would bear it. She had to." (Strangers in the Land) ----

An artist is always looking for references to guide them in painting the cover, so I sent a quick email off to Lauren telling her how close this painting is to how I've always imagined Devora in my mind. Lauren was delighted.

I'm delighted, too. This is another example of how closely aligned Lauren's vision and mine are!

I can't wait to see Lauren's Devora as she paints the cover...

Stant Litore