Behind the scenes! How a comic evolves
See what I did there? Here's a comic that I almost didn't do, just because the "useless Magikarp" joke has been done a few times--I even did one back in 2008! But I thought this had a funny new slant to it, and the thought of a guy pulling a Magikarp out of the water and it's holding a gun just seemed beyond hilarious to me, so I thought I'd go for it. The original comic script had a single character--a Pokemon researcher--studying Magikarp in the wild, but I realized that having two characters hold a conversation would add a stronger structure to the joke. Once I had a rough script in mind, I started laying out panels and making adjustments to dialog. When i work with actual physical pencils (usually because I'm travelling or I feel terrible about spending too much time on my computer and not taking my dogs out) I try not to worry about getting too many details in or making the lines clean. It's more of a way of experimenting how elements of a scene are laid out within panels, and between them. A lot of the time my original panel layouts aren't successful. Here you can see that I had to reverse the layout of panel 4 for it to make sense. I also changed a lot of the lines from the intermediate script to arrive at something final. I'm really happy with it! wuddayou think?