Behind the Scenes
The goblins and I have been madly preparing for this month, as we kick off the walkabout ensemble pieces tomorrow morning. Starting with Lampeter's "People's Market" we take this show on the road, followed by a whole weekend at Inspirali festival next weekend and then the grand finale at the Lampeter Food Festival the following Saturday. It's a busy month which has spawned some new creations, including the marionette design/prototype of the Cwn Yarnwn or "Yarn Hounds", excellent story sniffers with a penchant for shoes... and plans for a Goblin Circus Major Arcana Tarot.

This evening I met with my crew for tomorrow, Lunar, Eve, Maurice and I experimented with our sketches for the market tomorrow... and had a good play with a wheelbarrow! There is a good chance of a recording of tomorrow's antics so let's hope no one is camera shy this time!

I have been rather neglecting the virtual realm recently, but have plans for over August, after I've moved house, which include creating a whole pile of treats with tasters of the material we gather this month for you all... so watch this space as they start to appear...