Behind the Scenes: Cooking with Frag
In about two hours, Cooking with Frag will be live with an episode covering nachos.  Before that airs, I took some pictures of the studio to show everyone the setup that goes into each episode.  

I will apologize for the lighting in the pictures but for filming the show, we have TONS of lighting that my poor little tablet camera can't handle well.  

The image at the top of the post is kind of an overview of the setup.  The computer area, where the cameras are ran, is where Theprixie sits while keeping up with chat and switching cams for Lethalfrag.

The setup for the kitchen is generally done the day of the show as not to tie up the kitchen for multiple days.  It's hard getting around all those cameras!  The other two images are here: (Can't insert them in Patreon)

Next to the stove, there is a curtain made of felt that is attached with small staples to the ceiling.  We did this in order to minimize reflections in the wide view.  It's cut down on glare in the window over looking the bay by about 90%.  It of course comes down when the show is over.  

In the second image, you can see where we put all the small appliances in the corner (microwave, toaster, coffee maker)  This is so their reflection doesn't show on the wide cam/stove cam.  There is a second piece of felt along the wall, it is hard to see but it is opposite the appliances, this prevents glare from the white wall.  

Not pictured are the two umbrella lights.  One is next to Theprixie's station and the other is in the doorway leading to the kitchen, you can kind of see the top of it in the picture above.

We also replace all the lights in the ceiling with white/daylight bulbs because we found the standard dimmer bulbs that are in the fixtures causes the show to be very very orange.  

Setup takes approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on what all is involved for each show.  It's getting shorter each time we do setup and may even be closer to 45 minutes. 

Feel free to post any questions you have about the setup and don't forget to catch the show!

P.S. Can you spot the butter bell?