Behind the Scenes - Egalliv
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Last week on Page 2 everyone got their first glimpse of Egalliv, the tiny town where R.J. Jr. lives.  Many of the stories that I have planned for Isle of Elsi will be taking place in Egalliv, so when I started working on this comic, I spent a lot of time planning out the village.

At the time, I was living in the tiny town of  White River Junction, Vermont, working at The Center for Cartoon Studies.  There is that old saying "Write what you know" so I used the basic layout of White River Junction as my inspiration for Egalliv.  For instance, the bookstore that Rex visits at the end of page 2 is located where CCS's Schulz Library used to be located in White River Junction.

I did drawings of every building in town (which I will share with you one at a time as we visit various different locations in the story) and eventually I built a 3D model of the whole town using the free modeling program SketchUp.  The video above will give you a quick flyover of Egalliv in 3D!