Behind the scenes
Okay so as you can imagine quite a few things go on behind the scenes of the channel, it's not just hit record and by magic everything appears on YouTube.

Recently I have been working on updating the quality of the video's to bring 1440p to the channel. There have been a few mistakes along the way as I sort out OBS to work correctly with the different screen resolutions for different games. This is proving a little problematic but were are getting there.

Also something you wouldn't have seen is I have now formatted the old i5 and installed Handbrake onto it. So it is pretty much entirely a video conversion machine currently.  This also adds another task into the workflow which is as follows currently:

Record / Copy to i5 / Convert using Handbrake / Copy to NAS (Which has redundant external backup) / Upload to YouTube via MacBook Pro & NAS / Edit Descriptions etc and schedule a publishing date and note down on a Calendar on my MacBook Pro.

This workflow using a separate PC allows me to continue recording whilst the other PC is converting and the MacBook Pro is upload, so once I have recorded the first few video's it really does help save a ton of time.

At some stage I will try and add Video Editing into the mix which will probably go onto the i5. I still want to add in an Intro to my video's sooner rather than later so we can remove the banner at the foot and have games fullscreen through the entire video. I have no experience of making an Intro, so please bare with me on this whilst I research and learn these skills.

I also spend a lot of time playing the games, searching for new mods, trying these new mods out in game and then showing you guys them. I want to do more of this in the future. If you have a mod you use and really like then share it with me so we can then share it with others.

I hope this gives everyone a little insight as to just a few of the things that goes one behind the scenes, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

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