Behind the scenes: SKYREFall's origin

SKYREFall is a story that has sat with me for some time, growing and changing as I have. But where did it start?

I wish I could say the entirety of it  came solely from me, but in truth it came about around a table, where myself and three friends played a game. Those of you familiar with Dungeons & Dragons  will know just what sort of game I mean, but for the uninitiated I will elaborate. In a table-top role-playing game (TRPG), you tell a story with friends. The rules of the game allow you to attempt almost anything you can imagine, giving the events a variable quality beyond any other game platform.

In this TRPG, I played Sentinel Shortcircuit. And the way you are discovering the world of SKYREFall was much as I did the first time--no recollection of the world's past, with only a loose idea of how it should function. Being dropped in with a terrible government that wanted me simply for being awake. But I was drawn in, to my character Sentinel and the world he found himself in, and I enjoyed playing him more than any other character in my 10+ years of games like D&D.

But if I was just a player in this world then, and not the game master who led it, then how is SKYREFall my creation now?  As stated the story unfolded in its first, raw form with friends. However, the scripting into a narrative-friendly format, the voicing, and most importantly, working the thematic tones into the whole piece, are all done by me. Each friend in the game before had a piece in how the characters and world shaped up, but those were only the blueprints. I took those plans from a game, and set them up here in a way that all can experience, hopefully with the same levels of meaning I found.

 That's all for SKYREFall's origin. I like the idea of posting "behind the scenes" pieces like this, not quite under exclusive material but still showing insight to SKYREFall. Expect more in the future, folks. And I will find you in the next chapter!

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