Behind the scenes with Gearbox!
Hey guys, a few weeks ago when we spent the weekend at Gearbox HQ for our piece on the upcoming Homeworld patch (and for a future project!) we got to take a few pictures and got the full tour of the new building:

1)  That staircase is massive, and all those seats face a gargantuan TV for relaxing!
2) Gearbox employees get sweet hardware - standing desks, custom built PCs, and we saw a stack of Rifts and Vives chilling in an office.  For real.
3) Gearbox employees are some of the nicest people I've ever met!
4) When you first walk into the office, to the left is a giant room full of game swag from all of the titles they've worked on.  Of course I had to take pictures, especially of all the Homeworld loot.  Check out the attached picture of the Homeworld: Remastered Collector's Edition with custom art by Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz!  Oh-ma-gerd!

5) These guys are hard at work on Homeworld.  Trust me.

I wanted to big a big shout-out to our newest subscribers (thanks guys!) and to our current subscribers (big thanks!) and give you some behind-the-scenes footage of GBHX that didn't make it into the piece. 

If you haven't already read the piece that this visit culminated in, there's a lot of eye candy you'll want to see:

Definitely let us know what games you're interested in us covering/streaming/LetsPlay-ing/Reviewing, we always listen to our patrons!

Quick note: due to some life reasons, there isn't likely to be streaming the rest of this month, but it will resume early next month!  Sorry about that.  I'll make sure you all get your shout-out on our stream as soon as we're back up and running with it.

Thanks again everyone!