Behind the Scenes with the TTC
This is the best pic ever. :D

After doing an interview with the TTC for the official Subway Musicians program, we did a brief photoshoot in front of the station. (Thanks to Emily for taking some pics on my phone for behind-the-scenes.)

I'm so happy they're doing this series, because buskers often don't get much press, and some people still don't realize that this is an official program with auditions. They were all very nice and professional, making it easy to be relaxed on camera.

Runnymede has nice acoustics, I will probably go there more often.

During the TTC photoshoot, the tiny foam mic screen fell out of my scarf and started rolling out to the street. Those little things love to get lost, haha.

Will link the interview once it's up, or you can subscribe to the TTC's YouTube channel and see ALL their busker interviews!
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