[behind the scenes] The Seeds of My Healing Work: part two
The morning of April 3, 2016 I woke up earlier than necessary.

To say I was "excited" is to call Joni Mitchell a "good" musician - a complete understatement. (Which I realize now may be biased to some, but I'm maintaining the analogy.)

I stepped into the classroom where I would be learning Reiki I with the acclaimed Libby Barnett - the foremost Reiki Master Teacher on the East Coast; author of Reiki Energy Medicine and pioneer of bringing Reiki into New England hospital culture. 

Libby greeted us with a genuine smile that made her eyes crinkle and wore a beautiful violet blazer with a silver hand pin on the lapel. 

I sat front and center and barely moved my gaze from her, taking copious notes and completely undisturbed by anyone or anything else in the room.

We were encouraged to share why we were there that day, going around in a circle. Some people cried. Some were in need of personal emotional healing. One woman explained that she wanted to bring Reiki to a prison volunteer program she wanted to set up.

When my turn came, I said, "Well, I'm a waitress and I just moved back home from living in Italy for eight years...and...I guess I'm just attracted to this for some reason and I'm not sure why yet."

Everyone wanted to talk about Italy and I was sorry I mentioned it. That wasn't me anymore, I was different now. Italy was something I was trying to get away from. But where was I going? I wasn't sure.

During our first break the woman sitting next to me, a beautifully delicate person wearing flowing pants and decked in crystals told me she had a message for me from my Dad. These words alone created a tear that rolled down my cheek.

He was around me, she said. So strongly. And he was so proud of me. He maybe wouldn't have understood Reiki when he was a person, but now that he was a spirit he did. She also said I would have a little boy one day.

I wrote some notes in my journal, "my dad is proud of me..."

As the day draw to and end we gave Reiki to each other. I felt electric heat powering through my body. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt so connected. So alive! So present. I was absolutely in love with this feeling and wanted to start right away.

I rushed home and practically dragged Nick to the bedroom. I explained what Reiki was and turned some Native American Flute on youtube on my phone. I gave him a 1-hour session and was floored at how quickly the time passed. He actually felt things, he said. This was cool, he said.

I had so many questions. I had so much research to do. The next day at the restaurant I convinced three coworkers to lay down on the booths in the back room so I could give them Reiki. I took notes before and after each session and the feedback was consistently positive - not just positive - glowing!

I was on my way.

I was doing it.

Here I was, healing people! Connecting to a passionate purpose that I never knew existed. Finally, I thought, I know what to do with my life. 

{Stay tuned for part three which will dive into my spiritual awakening in Italy, the traumatic Saturn return moment I experienced, my divorce, and more.}