Behind the Scenes of a Lullaby
Hello Patreons !!! Little glimpse behind the curtains of these uke road trips for you today. The metaphorical curtain. Just posted a new post and song from the middle of Gaspésie, and also, from the middle of the night. Only the sound of a river and of a ukulele duet in about 600 square miles. (I'm guessing) You can read/listen here and it's quite amusing how it all unfolded. It turns out, Gaspésie (the peninsula East of Québec) is absolutely massive, so I ended up driving for much longer than I thought, completely alone through the heart of the almost-isle. When the road was deep ito the woods, I fancied a little exploring and decided to go into the forest a bit. Luckily I found a path on which I could drive my car, going upwards quite steeply. The sign said "Voitures interdites" as I entered, which as we all know, means "cars super welcome". I drove up in the pitch dark surroundings, lighting tree trunks as I went. It felt sleepy and quiet. An idea for a song was making its way into my mind. I drove a bit higher still, not to be too close to the nearby river, sat in the car with the little light, and started composing, what naturally came out as a Lullaby. You may or may not know I have a slight issue remembering lyrics quickly after I write them. The lighting was also a concern. So I started tackling all these issues. The musical/question answer lullaby duet had to take place here ! I parked the car as to light a nice part of the woods, set up the camera on the hood of the car, and next to it settle my laptop, on which I had written the lyrics with gigantic lyrics. Me, a ukulele, light-up trees behind me and facing a cheap camera and my almost-out-of-battery laptop on the hood of a rental car, in the middle of probably the most deserted area in the whole of southern Canada. And then of course I had to do a few takes. The second voice had to be recorded with a recording of the first one in my ear, to get it all on time and such. Strange things to get up to late in the dark, alone as if on a different planet. And the result is just above for you to enjoy. It's an odd but exhilirating behind-of-the-curtain I must say. Have a fantastic 2017 gang ! And wonderful peaceful sleeps until then, Thanks for the support! Ben