Behold The Beast! The Magnificent 2D Matrix!

So while I'm still chugging away at my next big explorable explanation... (I'd Like To Be A Machine, an explorable on neurons, mixed with a personal story about anxiety) ...I wanted to give y'all something before the end of the month.

Here's an Explorable on 2D transformation matrices! I actually started making this a year ago, then abandoned it, then polished it up in the last two days. So now, you can play with a visual 2D matrix, and see that geometric beauty that is usually locked up in boring grids of numbers.

Hope you enjoy! I seriously want to thank all of you peeps for supporting me. Which reminds me, I will be posting to Patreon again soon, asking if you'd like to be credited as a supporter for I'd Like To Be A Machine! And maybe other supporter rewards, I haven't really figured much of this out yet.

~ Nicky Case

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