Behold the latest limited edition Eating the Fantastic postcard
With the second anniversary of the Eating the Fantastic podcast right around the corner, it's nearly time for me to start mailing out these oversized postcards with a personalized thank you message scribbled on the reverse. Would you like one of these limited edition artifacts featuring photos of all the guests with whom I recorded in 2017? If so, read on!

The 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" postcards are printed on 115-pound premium glossy cover stock and will go out only to the guests themselves — plus any Patreon supporters who currently back Eating the Fantastic at the $4 level or above.

Those who keep up that level of support throughout the year will get another limited edition postcard on which I'll scribble a few words of gratitude when 2019 arrives. 

BTW — you'll be glad to know my own face will probably not be quite so large next year, but it was necessary this year in order for all the faces to fit in the proper dimensions for a postcard. Here's the card which the earliest backers of the show received last year. How next year's card will turn out all depends on how many guests I squeeze in during 2018. And with your help, at whatever your level of support, I hope I'll be able to squeeze in a lot.

Convention season is just beginning, with StokerCon and AwesomeCon in March, the Nebula Awards weekend and Balticon in May, and many others throughout the summer. I have nearly a dozen episodes already scheduled for these events, so I hope those of you who can help will help as I continue capturing these fascinating conversations.

Thanks for listening!