Behold the ScorpiCobraSnakeoid or something...
So after working with @KrasherOx for a while on 3D modelling for Reckoning, he tells me he knows this amazing fellow that he'd really like to introduce me to called Carmelo Nazario aka @TheCreatorx3D

So I hit the guy up on Twitter and we start discussing my science fiction comicbook project Reckoning.

It turns out Carmelo really is quite a straightforward fellow totally into geekdom and quickly offers to attempt to create the scorpioid snake like creature that appears in the chapter Plight of the Takyüddin.

And I have to say I am amazed.

The following are a few more renders of what he has made for Reckoning and they are amazing, at one point during the process it was as if the creature spoke to us through our chat while being developed.

We had a good laugh about that one and we decided the comment stands as if it was the ScorpiCobraSnakeoid itself who said it.

I am super jazzed about the final result

I mean will you look at that? I love it!!!

Check out the amazing skin details!

Carmelo made several versions, open and closed mouthm with and without tongue etc. all in all an extremely thorough job.

I trust you like what you have seen and truly hope you will consider to become a Patron in order to allow us having more breathtaking 3D models made for Reckoning. Models that we can subsequently release to you guys to play with and hopefully making you cocreators of the amazing Reckoning Universe that we are building.

And remember it is risk free in case you were wondering - I am offering you a chance for your money back after a full year - Yup you read right, it is a guarantee that you can read more about on the main page.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our ranks! 

And once you are one of us I suggest you scoot right over to to see some more of Carmelo's work and sign up as his Patron as well.

You can read his description on the collaboration here

I am hoping to work further with both @KrasherOx and @TheCreatorX3D in the future as the Reckoning Comicbook Universe is developed further.

Have a great one!


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