Being a better Creator...
I am pledging to you lot, you small but exclusive few, to be a better creator and update you all more, and put more back in.

I've been beavering away producing designs for Tees and hoodies, but with the thought in mind that these designs can then be used for other things - the above image is one such example.

There is now a 10 'card' series of 'Puppy Facts' which can be found currently via my timeline on Facebook but will be uploaded to other places shortly, which you can share that break down some of the common myths and misconceptions regarding puppy purchase.

There is also a Rescue Facts series in the works (4 'cards' produced so far) along similar lines.

The idea is that this is free content people can share, print off, turn into stickers or incorporate into their own literature (rescues, trainers etc).

It doesn't need to be shared directly from me, people ARE welcome to take it, upload it from their own devices, because I want these bite sized chunks of information to be spread across the net, not hidden away.

So if you see one of these, share it, nick it, print it on a sticker and stick it... and know that your support helps create this content!