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Being Christ Without Christianity
Bringing back an important show that got lost through with YouTube and website changes last year. But I found it after much work, and now it's here for your benefit! Please spread the word. Your support keeps this Red Pill cafeteria going, but a growing audience has also put limits on bandwidth and other issues. Thank you very much, as always and forever! Direct Audio: Direct Download: Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions have become increasingly hostile and destructive in a modern world. They cling to outdated belief systems, constantly stricken by such pathological concepts as information bias and cognitive dissonance. Civilization is at the brink. Yet through more allegorical and psychological lenses, one can still distill the great teachings of their past masters, as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and even the Gnostics illustrated. We throw the dirty bathwater of literalism out and keep the baby that is the inner Savior residing in each one of us. Astral Guest– Michael Sherlock, author of I Am Christ .