Belated Friday Surprise
Hi everyone!! We made it! We're in our new home! I am typing this whilst looking out of my window at the trees and flowers in our front garden. It's the first time in over 2 years that I've had natural light on me whilst in my home. Makes me sound like a hermit! But our last flat only had 2 windows! I'm so excited! Aaaand, to top it off, our ISP had us up and running within an hour. So impressed with them. And because they were so swift - I am able to share the Friday Surprise with you, yay!

It's a cover of "As The World Falls Down" by David Bowie from an all-time fave film of mine, Labyrinth. The Mp3 is available to download beneath the video :)

I've got some footage of Maggie waddling about in the garden and I'm going to get more to share with you soon! So excited right now, wow!!

Have a fantastic weekend guys xx