Belated Monday Update!
Hey everyone, here's the Monday update this week.  I've also heavily revitalized the site this week.  It is now waaaay more functional, I hope you'll enjoy it!  Much easier to scroll through images, and also added an index page, and also a 'current' tab to the menu so you guys can just click that whenever you'd like to see the latest comic!

Check out the site at

Thanks for keeping up with me and my projects!  I've also begun illustrating a children's book for someone.  You can see a preview image of it on my main website: (It's the first image there!).

Hope everyone is doing okay with news of the American Presidential Election this week.  This world confuses me more every day.  I try my best to allow things like this to fuel the creation of my comic, which will carry with it a lot of my perspectives on how people are with each other and how power structures function.

New panel next Monday, stay tuned!