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Belated new year!
Finally digging into the new year with a newly-healed thumb. Being able to hold a stylus helps a lot, as it turns out.

I'm finally digging through my backlog of commissions too. I've attached some WIPs including a quick sketch of Ysaye from DR and a very early progress shot of a three-person portrait of Kaindell, Verrouille, and Limani from the same. Three people is a challenging new composition for me but I'm liking it so far. The profiles feel a bit fucky (she's too masculine and his jaw is weird, idk), but I'll fix those as I go in and start filling out details.

I also needed a new danged avatar for Twitter because holly is *so* last year. So I went for a color sketch in a style and brush I haven't used in awhile. I missed this style a lot actually; it produces something very clean and simple-looking and requires very little in the way of time investment.

Happy day y'all <3