I long for hope that burns inside of me

Because there are so many things that I've never seen

So many places that I've never been

Wondering when will my life truly begin?

This hope I long for that burns inside of me

Is the cause and reason for me to believe

In all the things I've known and everything I had

For things can never really be that bad.

This hope I have is what pushes me foward

Slightly northward and around the corner

Its what gets me by each and every day

Because you never know what tomorrow may convey

You never really know what the future holds

Some days are bronze while others are gold

You never really know what tomorrow brings

Every darkened Winter will have a new day in Spring

You never really know what new friends you'll meet

Or what old friends you fought with may come back and greet

The calendar repeats with all the same dates

But that doesn't mean you can't change your fate

We all hope for something; its what keeps us alive

Hope is the driving force that gets us to try

Hope for love, or money, or friends

Hope is what pushes us in the end

But without faith there is no hope

We put our hope in faith to help us cope

Whatever you believe in; believe in it still

Never lose faith nor sign off your will

Faith is like love; you can't see it, but it's there

You can't touch it, taste it, smell it, but you know its in the air

You can only feel it deep inside your heart

You either believe or you don't, but not always from the start

And if you believe in nothing, there's still something to be said

At least you are living and those thoughts are in your head

If a lack of faith in something is enough to get you by

Then don't deny there's nothing because something makes you try