Believe ... in Unicorns!
Hello all! ^_^

I finished the 80's cheese-fest unicorn my patrons were watching progress yesterday! XD I'm happy with how it cane out & I'm glad I stuck with it! :) - by 6 y/o self would be delighted with this! XD

This watercolour painting measures aprox 10.5 x 24cm and is painted on 200 gsm cold press paper using a mix of paints of varying lightfastness. 

If anyone would like this painting it 's available for £40 to patron supporters (comment to claim). It'll go on sale to the world at large for £50 at 7:30pm if no on here claims it :) (postage: £2.50 to UK or £8 international, long-standing/high paying patrons may qualify for free or discount shipping)

Now, back to the dragon! XD

Have a good day!!