Here is my later work- and he's getting a lot of likes from the girls!!  

53 x 39cm, Caran D'ache Luminance pencils, black Stonehenge, 163 hours, Prometeus Photography with permission

Have  you ever put your trust or confidence in someone or something and there  just wasn’t any proof that you should? Ever been persuaded to feel  differently?    Did you witness something which you considered to be  proof of a different outcome, which challenges what you previously  thought?   Have you ever assumed blindly?  Do you reject anything other  than what you think because it is a perceived opposite?  You may just be  a believer. 
Throughout time, beliefs have changed the course of  history.  For example;  God?  No proof.   Yet some believe, because they  just know, they feel that God exists.  People?  There may be evidence  that a person is so lovely in one situation, yet what you don’t know is  the whole truth about them- they are the exact opposite in another, but  you believe, without knowing everything, that they are kind and  generous, and play into their story and become their puppet.  Beliefs  can put us in danger, and can also remove us from harm, and they do this  best when they can be challenged, reframed and unassured.  Persuasion  is the key to belief, and that in itself is confronting to any believer.  Truth, for example, can be very persuasive.   However, if it has been  true, there is no guarantee that is always will be true.  We assume it  will be.  We still believe.
Even what I am writing is a belief.  Is it true?
Experience  is the only true method of change.  Not Authority- Only Experts.  Not  generalisation, but reflection.  Not blind acceptance but confidence and  curiosity. 
This drawing is about a believer.  He has fought for his  beliefs.  He has walked for weeks without food and water for his  beliefs.  He died for his beliefs.  Perhaps he knew something we  didn’t.  Perhaps we believe that he did.   Perhaps not.  It all comes  back to the source of the belief.
What do you believe?  And Why……?