The Bell - The Spy Mouse Theme.
As I said in the previous post about the music in The Bell I don't want to make spoilers about the game but you should know that: there is a war between mice and cats. (I can feel you already had figure it out)

Mice don't kill cats but use a mousetastic technology, The Bell, to know where the cats are and avoid them.

You have different weapons to distract the cats, including tuna can, laser and water pistol. Is a really funny game to play because you're always in balance between the seriousness of a FPS and the fact of you leading a cute cheese eater super agent.

As our protagonist, the mouse agent, is using infiltration, stealth techniques, etc, I saw him as kind of secret agent more than a big guy with a big gun as other FPS have, then the music should nail this reference.

I want something with the epic touch, because is a little mouse against a "giant" cat, but I want the drive of some spy or MI movie and the balance between the two concepts.

I used a typical cliche linear progression with the ascending 5 (James Bond likes that!) over a minor chord pedal, then, when the melody enters you have the contrabass line going down using the right inversions (will talk about that in the video), meanwhile the melody goes up, giving more amplitude to the orchestration.

The first melody in the woodwind section is a reference to the military melody of the mice army (you didn't heard it yet). As I said in the previous post, everything is connected. In fact this introduction melody acts as a countermelody in the final part of the song.

Once implemented on the game, the activity of the short strings will increase following the action, half note when normal, quarter note when in combat and eight note when the things are coming really bad.

More details about this on the video for my Patreon subscribers.

Hope you enjoy it!