Bellatrix - Ursula's sheath
This project took quite a while, and kinda came as a followup to my machete cozy. I wanted something that made the scythe look a little more cozy sitting mounted on the wall (where I living at a place where I could mount it on the wall, rather than crudely propped up by arbitrary 'long things').

With the tshirts that went into making this,  Divisional Youth Chorus, the movie Arthur, Men's Warehouse, and The Westin Harbour Castle, we ended up with primarily white and black colours to work with. Given that, I decided to give her a bit of an off-sized, semi-random-width stripe pattern that throws off the eyes when you look at it.

The tarp that went into the core of her ended up a bit bunched up inside of the yarn, but I somewhat expected that. The scythe blade still fits snugly inside of there, and now it has a peace bonding strap should the opportunity to take her out arise :D