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Bellicorn of Oldthorn
With all the malarkey with Patreon earlier in December, I did originally say I wasn't going to post PDFs on here. However, for now, it looks like the proposed changes that caused all the trouble haven't gone ahead. I am still looking into Gumroad, DTRPG and others as both a potential alternative to Patreon and a place to publically release older releases. With that, on with the show!

Edit 31/12/2017: Whoops! Forgot the PDF, my bad. It's attached now.

I don't know about you guys, but my GMing folder is full of potential monsters that haven't gotten used. The Bellicorn - as in, bellicose (meaning 'warlike') and unicorn - is one I re-found recently, and thought was interesting enough to write up as the star in an adventure in it's own right. 

There's a few others I intend to come back to in the coming months, like the Idiot Pilgrims and the Pine Agaric (watch this space). But for now, I hope you enjoy this adventure!