He thought her beautiful
As did the sun, that kissed her skin
And the rain that played upon her lash
All things saw the light within

He thought her splendid
With a voice of flowing gold
One glance from her bluest eyes
His heart to her was sold

He thought her precious
More than the breath he did inhale
To her a secret pact he made
To see those eyes behind a veil

He thought her lovely 
The tender curve of softest lip
When to his eyes a smile was cast
His pounding heart did skip

He thought her stunning
As did the snow she ushered in
That formed a melting mantle
Upon her shoulders, thin

He thought her dearest
Her face etched in his memory
Red roses held in tender hands
Sorrow he did not foresee

He thought her blooming
As the flowers did 'neath the sun
Behind her eyes a sickness loomed
That would pull her seams undone

He thought her vibrant
But her luster soon did fade
He had not yet asked for her hand
On his heart, this heavy weighed

He thought her restored
When her glassy eyes did open wide
One last time to see his face
Her tears she could not hide

He thought her sacred
Her memory he would surely keep
Her form was sculpted in perfection
His beloved was but.....asleep