Beltane complete ritual video revised, Live stream ceremony with Lady Leeanna
Lady Leeanna does a complete ritual of Beltane Thanks...Taking tea with the Gods and Goddess' She sets up a complete altar and does an in house celebration and prayer to her Deities,

Oh my goodness... have never had internet trouble before in my history of video making...But I make one, the first video in such a long time revolving around a ritual and everything goes haywire!  You can watch the video and see the lights are going crazy, especially when I begin praying deeply and the the stream is getting interruptions here and the cutting out some crucial parts...Now my equipment works perfectly and di after the stream while I am just visiting the rooms I feel it was the energy causing these disruptions, or a spirit! Who knows the video is there to watch though, you decide and leave it in the comments under the video guys. Blessings

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